You Don’t Need More Time To Get Your Digital Photos Organized

I hear a lot of people say “I don’t have the time to organize my…” photos, office, paper, kitchen, laundry, house, life, etc. But the truth is, if you had more time you’d fill it with more things and there would always be something you aspire to get done.


Let’s face it, digital photo organization is definitely not one of the more pressing, urgent issues you face throughout your day. But if you lost all of your photos, you would be devastated and probably drop everything to try to get them back.

Regardless, I don’t think you need more time to accomplish what you want and enjoy your digital photos. What you need is less time spent:

  • Reviewing everything you’ve done to figure out where you left off
  • Doing things twice (or more) because you aren’t sure you if you did it already
  • Searching for photos on every. single. device.
  • Worrying about deleting photos from one device because you’re not sure if you transferred or backed it up
  • Rushing to do something (i.e. transfer photos) at the last minute and robbing time from other priorities
  • Trying to remember all of the steps you need to take
  • Organizing, arranging and moving photos around

In order to do that you need a simple, effective SYSTEM. The right system will:

  • Prevent you from relying on your memory to remember all the steps.
  • Quickly remind you where you left off
  • Allow you to focus on exactly what you need to do next
  • Give you confidence that your photos are transferred and backed up- no second guessing
  • Prevent last minute rush jobs
  • Help you do things correctly the first time

Once you have a system in place, you’ll be able to free your photos from your drives & devices so you can quickly and easily ​cherish, showcase, and share the photos you love​.

I’ve spent a ton of time asking people like you about their biggest digital photo challenges. I’ve listened to what you’ve tried, what has worked (and what hasn’t), and what you ultimately want out of your photo collection. I’ve heard that most of you don’t really care about organizing your digital photos…but that you need some sense of order to get your photos printed or shared, put together fun photo albums and create meaningful gifts. You want easy access to the photos you want, when you want them. You want the peace of mind of knowing your precious memories are protected. You don’t want to deal with expensive or complicated software and devices. And, you want someone to spell it out for you so it’s not overwhelming.

I’ve heard you. And, I’ve been working on a group workshop to address all of it. I’ll be launching a beta version of my new PhotoJoy Workshop at the end of September. If you’d like to get details and updates delivered directly to your inbox, hit the button below and enter your email address to learn more!


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