Two Small Words to Prevent Clutter in Your Life

What is your biggest source of clutter frustration? Is it the physical stuff in your home or commitments and to-do’s? Either way, you can use these two small words to prevent the clutter in the first place- “Hell, yeah!”
Two Small Words to Prevent Clutter

I just read this post by Lily Herman. In it, she references writer and entrepreneur Derek Shivers’ piece about his “hell yeah!” philosophy for people who spread themselves too thin.

In a nutshell, if you are feeling anything less than “Hell, yeah!” about something, then say no. This philosophy also works well to prevent clutter by limiting impulse purchases or even hand-me-down “scores” from family. If you aren’t feeling “Hell, yeah!” about it, you can live without it.

This philosophy will help you say no to things that make you feel “meh”. It helps make room for the stuff and commitments you feel good about and get you fired up. Who doesn’t want more of that?

For years, I’ve been doing an informal gut check along the lines of “Do I love it?” and “Does it light me up?” for many years which has similar results but I think I’m going to officially switch over to Derek’s “Hell, yeah!” philosophy. What about you?

Ciao for now!

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