Organizing Solution for Kids Activities and Gear

Does it seem that you are always running out the door to soccer when your child discovers s/he has no idea where his/her cleats are? Or you get to dance class only to discover you have cleats instead of dance shoes?

Create sports or activity packs for each child and activity. Use different colored/types of duffle bags or backpacks for equipment for sports or other activities. For example, if your daughter participates in dance lessons and soccer, designate one bag for cleats, shin guards, extra practice uniform, etc. and the other for dance shoes, tights and leotards. If your son has piano and flag football, find a tote for music books and a duffel for cleats, uniform and headgear.

Have your kids (or help them) clean out each bag immediately after the activity. Place cleats, shin guards and other gear/equipment right back in the bag right away, toss the trash and bring uniforms, etc. right to the laundry room. As attire is laundered, place it right in the designated bag. If you’d like to go the extra mile, pin or place a checklist for what goes in each bag.

Activity packs will make life easier when it’s time to run out the door and will eliminate or minimize missing or lost equipment if they have a home and are not constantly being shifted around.

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  1. I currently use the different activity bags for each sport (soccer, swimming, dance etc.) I was wondering if you can give any advice on how to store these bags neatly and conveniently. They always seem to end up on our laundry room floor or on the floor by the garage door.

    • Hi Denise- In order to give you a specific answer, I would want to survey the type of space you have available and the number/type (duffel, backpack, etc.) of bags you need to store. Feel free to reply with details…If you’d like feel free to send me pics of your laundry room, floor by the garage and garage, as well as the bags you need to store- lauren at

      In general, I’d look at using wall hooks or a rail with s-hooks if you have wall space near where you exit the house. Another option is shelves or cubbies (with or without bins to contain them). If you exit the house via the garage and have wall space there, you could even go vertical up the wall with hooks and use high-reach garment hook or have a stepstool handy.

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