Organizing Quickie in the Closet

It’s really not as unseemly as it sounds… As the seasons change, I’ve noticed that my entry closet could function a little better. Fortunately, we have a pretty large coat closet in the entry and, because we live in a warmer climate, fewer storage needs for coats and winter accessories. Of course, we have the standard builder’s grade closet with one shelf and one rod {don’t get me started on that!} so I have been keeping most hats, gloves and scarves in two bins on the shelf. Much of what we use on a regular basis has ended up being tossed back up on the shelf, which results in a toppling pile of stuff when I’m running out the door and need a hat for the little man. It’s challenging enough to get him out the door in a cooperative manner, I don’t need anything distracting or slowing him {or me} down.

Entry Closet ShelfWhat I need is something that will keep the smaller items contained and within reach, so we can easily see, retrieve and replace things as we use them. I’m always looking for ways to incorporate storage for and involve my son, so something that he can reach {only partially} would be ideal. Also, keep in mind, that we haven’t accumulated a mountain of winter accessories due to the fact that we have lived in warmer climates for many years. Additionally, I work on making sure the stuff we keep is stuff we love and use. I share that simply as a reminder that you may need to take a few more steps through the BE SIMPLE™ process first {specifically, the Eliminate & Shed steps}. {Side note: There is usually a dog or child photo-bombing any pic I post to the site. What a face!}

I don’t want to spend a lot of money outfitting the closet right now. Since we just moved in eight months ago, we have lots of other updates that could use our time, attention and money. Since I’m familiar with assessing organizing needs, I know just the thing.

StyleSelectionsShoeOrganizerI mentioned this product on Day 21 in the post on My Favorite Containers- The Basics. It’s an over-the-door shoe organizer with clear pockets- here’s a link to the one I bought at Lowe’s. Oddly enough, I never actually use this type of shoe organizer for shoes because I find that they are just not sturdy enough for the weight 12 {in this case} pairs of shoes. The one requirement is that you need a door that swings open. This won’t work for a bi-fold or sliding bypass doors. If you have bi-fold doors, room for them to swing open, and are interested in a little DIY, checkout this Master Bedroom Closet Conversion from Wife in Progress.

Entry Closet Shelf CloseupI started by taking down the pile of stuff and two blue bins and sorted them by item and owner, pulling out outgrown items. I placed out of season beach hats and ski gloves/hats into the blue bins because they don’t need to be accessed on a regular basis. I put the plastic bags in the bag organizer we already have installed {we had an overflow}.

Entry Closet w-Shoe OrganizerI placed the rest in the shoe organizer with the little man’s hats {we need gloves and a scarf for him} at the bottom so he can reach them. In the middle, I stored the adult hats, gloves, workout gloves, etc. And, I even used a few pockets for vacuum accessories, retractable dog leash and a lint roller. I labeled those pockets with some cute washi tape and a black permanent marker. I left most of the pockets unlabeled {I’m breakin’ the law of labeling!} as they are open for hats, gloves, scarves, etc. and it just doesn’t matter which pocket they each go in, as long as they live in the organizer. I’ll check back again in a month to make sure only things that belong are living there.

Entry Closet Shoe Organizer

I realize that this is an itty-bitty project to share. I want you to know that any progress you make towards a more organized home is a step in the right direction and you should mark it as a win. Do you have any small projects that you can tackle in an afternoon? I’d love to hear about it. Please don’t be shy!

Update: This little quickie update is working out fabulously! Not only does my husband comment about how useful it is more often than I expected but my 2 1/2 year old uses it effectively as well. No joke! He knows to go there for his hat, mittens, sunglasses, etc. and even puts them back when he’s done with them (sometimes even without a reminder!)There’s another little quickie update that I’m planning to help him be even more independent that I’ll share on the blog soon!

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