3 Steps To a Super Organized Purse {No Matter What Size It Is!}


Step 1. Sort everything that is in your purse into piles by category: first aid, beauty, personal comfort, makeup, receipts, etc, while tossing any obvious trash. I recommend including piles for incoming and outgoing items. I’ll share more on that next week!

Organize Your Purse in 3 Steps

Step 2. Go through the “Outgoing” pile and return things to their rightful home.

Step 3. Employ the “containers within containers” rule from my Rules for Results. Repeatedly. That’s it! OK, I confess, that makes it more than three steps but, I promise, it’s a really simple concept to implement!

The most effective way to get and keep your purse organized is to incorporate zippered pouches, cases and other containers to…well, contain the things that live in your purse. OK, I hope nothing is actually alive in there…I guess anything is possible! But I’m referring to what belongs in your purse. For any gentlemen that might be reading, you can apply the same steps and concepts to organizing your briefcase, gym bag or backpack.

So, I’d love the skinny… Are you a large purse kind of girl? Do you change purses frequently or use them until they’re all used up? Do you have a favorite brand/type of bag or do you buy whatever strikes your fancy? Check back on Monday where I’ll share what’s in mine and some resources and tools for organizing what’s in your purse.

Ciao for now!





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2 Responses to 3 Steps To a Super Organized Purse {No Matter What Size It Is!}

  1. Jeri Dansky says:

    Lauren, as someone who’s not much into purses, I tend to stick with one until it wears out, or my needs change. I have no favorite brand; I just go with the one that’s the right shape and configuration for me, as long as it seems to be well-made and within my price range.

    And yes, I have zippered pouches inside my purse to organize the contents.

  2. Ellen Delap says:

    Love this! An organized purse makes all the difference.

    Love your new site too!

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