My Favorite Containers- The Basics

This is my first installment of the organizing version of My Favorite Things. Today, I’m sharing some of the most common containers, bins and tools I have used when organizing. I consider these ‘ol reliables.

Sterilite6QtShoeSterilite 6 Qt./1.5 Gallon Shoe Box

You can pick these up from WalMart for under $2 each. I have used them in pantries and linen closets without the lids to keep things like baking ingredients or skin care items together and in utility areas to corral things like tape, plumbing repair, paint brushes, etc. Remember, don’t stack higher than two bins. Keep in mind that you can use them without the lids, which keeps bottles from getting knocked over, keeps like items together, and allows you to remove and replace the entire bin easily. And, they are clear so you can easily view the contents.

AveryBizCardPocketsAvery Self-Adhesive Business Card Holders 73-720

You can purchase a 10 pack of these for under $5 at an office supply store or you can use the store brand, if they make them. They make great label holders for plastic bins like the one mentioned above or larger. Business card size is great because you can easily print them from the computer if you’d like, but it also allows the bins to easily be re-labeled.

HuggableHangersHuggable Hangers

I love being able to unify the hangers in a closet, if possible. These are slim and the flocked non-slip surface keeps items on the hanger and you can get them at Target or The Container Store. If you can’t afford to replace all of your hangers at once, you can buy a 20 pack every few months for $20.

OverDoorShoeStorageHoney-Can-Do Over The Door Clear Shoe Organizer

It’s not just for shoes…in fact, I don’t really use them for shoes at all. They are great in kids rooms, closets, pantries and bathrooms for storing smaller items like gloves, hats, hairbands, lotion, seasoning packets, etc. This keeps them organized, within reach and frees up shelf, vanity or cabinet space. You can also cut them down and hem them if you’re so inclined for the interior of cabinet doors. Don’t forget to label each pocket- this will help items find their homes again.

Do you have any tried and true organizing products, bins or tools? I’d love it if you’d share them in the comments. And tell me why you love them!

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