How Long Will It Take to Get Organized?

Well, that depends. Are we talking about organizing your junk drawer or your entire life? Organizing your life is going to take the rest of your life. You will never stop organizing. Really. {insert record scratch here}

I know that sounds discouraging and that is not my intention. I’m simply trying to point out the reality of a common myth about “getting organized”. It’s not a race or competition. You will never arrive at the organizing finish line and be done. We are led to think that “getting organized” represents a destination that we’ll arrive at and then we can stop working at it. That’s like showering or brushing your teeth once and expecting that to be sufficient for the rest of your life- hopefully, you agree that’s pretty absurd, right? {If not, then we should talk. Wanna breath mint?}

Spaces are meant to be lived in, stuff is meant to be used up and life gets messy. As the mother of a two year old, I can wholeheartedly vouch for that. On any given day {most days}, my living room is covered in train tracks, a menagerie of plastic and stuffed animals, puzzle pieces and plastic sports equipment. I would have previously been embarrassed to have you stop by and witness it. But now, I’m breaking the silence- this is what real life organizing looks like.

Living Room- DuringThe organizing solutions I have set up here allow my son to take out and play with whatever he wants…AND they allow myself or my husband to quickly and easily put everything away. In about five minutes. I do realize that our living room won’t be making the cover of any magazines or catalogs but I’m OK with that.

Living Room- Before & After

You see, organization should be a practice you incorporate into your daily life. Ideally, though, it will be more of a silent partner than a dominating force. It should not consume all of your time or be so complex or perfect that those who use it can’t maintain it. Choose your stuff, systems and storage solutions carefully enough so that your days can flow, you have the freedom to do fun things with the ones you love and are able to simply restore order to your space so you don’t spend all your time, energy and money {and sanity?} simply keeping it together {Woah, that’s a run-on sentence mouthful, eh?}

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  1. Just don’t forget about including the child in the cleanup, teaching them to put a toy away before taking out another. They need to be part of the solution-that’s how they learn so you are not doing it for them til they are 25!

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