Get Organized in 15 Minutes or Less?

15 MinutesI’ll be honest with you. When I read headlines like that, my eyes involuntarily roll. I can’t help it. I have a pretty sensitive BS meter which causes the eye-roll thing. It’s pretty challenging to “get organized” in only 15 minutes.

I often hear people creating lofty goals like “organizing my entire house”. Even “organizing my basement” or organizing my closet” can be a pretty ambitious goal, especially since things have usually been collecting there for years. It makes sense to have dreams and aspirations, but they live in your imagination. To convert your dreams and aspirations into reality, you need to create goals that are small and incremental. This can work very well for fitness, nutrition, financial, and other life dreams, too.

Why? I’m not going to get into the science or psychology of it, as I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV, but here’s something to chew on:

When you set your goal as “Organize the closet” and after 2-3 hours haven’t completed it, how does that make you feel? You haven’t reached your goal and many people feel frustrated and defeated. You might even give up on it. If, however, you set your goal for 15 minutes of uncluttering, when the timer goes off you have reached your goal.

  1. It gives you a win. Even small wins give you confidence and fuel your efforts to keep going.
  2. It gets you started. It’s goes by quickly. Even tasks we abhor are doable for 15 minutes. The bonus? When you’ve reached 15 minutes you may have gained some momentum and choose to keep going.
  3. Now, I’m not going to mislead you. As I shared here, it’s going to require an investment of time on your part to make significant changes. Stick around…I’m warming up to teach you how!

Set a timer for 15 minutes and unclutter an room or area that has been bugging you lately. Bonus: Feel free to continue beyond that 15 minutes but don’t forget about existing commitments. Share your win in the comments!

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