Create Clutter-Free Holiday Decor: Halloween Edition

Clutter-Free Holiday-HalloweenMaybe it’s because I’ve organized other people’s homes for a living or the fact that we haven’t really stayed in a home long enough to really settle in. It seems that most of our budget often goes towards monthly bills and what is leftover goes towards most of those annoying repairs and expenses you have when you move into a home. By the time we recover, it’s time to stage it to sell. Anyway, I digress.

The point is that we never really get around to decorating for the holidays {or really decorating our home year round}. Add that to the fact that I dislike the clutter and extra work decorating and taking it all down creates. And, finally, my taste does not match my budget. {wah!}

Whether it’s seasonal decor or all-year round, I’m on a mission to create a warm and welcoming home while keeping the extra work, clutter and storage needs to a minimum {you never know when we might move again}. So, welcome to my Halloween edition of Creating Clutter Free Holiday Decor. The idea is to find decor items that can either serve multiple purposes or require minimal effort or storage space.

1. Pumpkin Lanterns

pumpkinpaperlanternsMartha Stewart shares this Pumpkin Lantern project how-to, though you can probably figure it out on your own. Make the leaves, stem and tendrils removable and you can easily pack the paper lanterns flat. You can also whip out some black paint or even a black permanent marker if you prefer Jack-O-Lanterns instead.

2. Washi Tape Spider Web

Tape Spider Web

I saw this spider web idea on Better Homes & Gardens and recalled it later in the day as I was out shopping. I’m going to try to replicate this with some black washi tape on my own front door. If you don’t have a glass front door, you can use the idea on windows, too.

3. Scrapbook Paper Pumpkins

3D pumpkin decor_small

These paper pumpkins are great as centerpieces, table vignettes or mantle decor.

4. Paper Lanterns


I saw a few tutorials for these types of paper lanterns. I liked this one the best because Elise’s method makes it easy to collapse down after use. You could use orange paper for pumpkins, go smaller in red for apples and add in stems and leaves…or you can just choose a bunch of Halloween colors to add some color to your space.

Buy Instead of DIY

  1. Pumpkin Paper Lanterns from

  2. Happy Halloween Garland from Paper Source

  3. Trick or Treat Banner Kit from Paper Source

Please let me know in the comments if you have any Halloween decor ideas or sources that are multi-purpose or make a big impact but don’t take up a ton of storage.

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