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Are You a Perfectionator?

PerfectionateOK, this will be the last post focused around perfection, I promise {for at least a week}. I write this blog both as an organizing expert and an organizing student. Does that sound lame? The truth is that I have knowledge and special skills {does anyone else think of Liam Neeson talking about his “very special set of skills”?} derived from years of education, training, studying and organizing for others. And, I am always learning more. In fact, over the past two years I have been on an accelerated & very rigorous learning endeavor. Some of you might be familiar with it- it’s called motherhood.

Among the many things I have learned about myself recently, one stands out to share with you. Hello, my name is Lauren and I’m a perfectionator. {Yes, a term I made up.} Have you heard of the term perfection paralysis? It refers to the inability to start something for fear it won’t be perfect. But you see, as I shared earlier, perfection is not one of my goals so I didn’t think that I could be a perfectionist and therefore, it couldn’t be the root of my procrastination. Agreed?

As an organizer, I became acutely aware of this thing called analysis paralysis, as well. Which, I readily admit to doing but starting projects is not a huge issue for me so I didn’t think that applied either.

Well, as it turns out, I do something that’s even sneakier. I have this need to do it better. Just one or two steps from where I am now, so I can tell myself I’m not done yet.  Or I don’t have what I need to do a decent job on something I want to create, so therefore I don’t progress. See? No mention of perfect…

I have finally confessed to myself, and now to you, that I am a perfectionator. It really doesn’t matter that I don’t aim for perfection. What matters is that it prevents me from completing things I want to do.

So, now what? Knowing is half the battle. Being wiling to change despite the fear and discomfort is the hard part.

These are some questions I ask myself when I become aware I’m perfectionating:
What is the minimum you can do to produce a result you can live with?
Is it better to get the done than do it perfectly/according to too high standards?
If you don’t have time/supplies/information to do it now, when will you?

If none of those are effective I tell myself “There’s ideal and then there’s real. Get over it” and that usually works!

I’m curious- are you a perfectionator? Recovering perfectionist? Do you procrastinate on starting or finishing? Or both? What works FTP get you past this hurdle?

*Just to prove my resolve, I’m going to publish this post now {waiting at the dentist} before I get a chance to include an image. Aren’t you impressed?

31 Days of Real Life Organizing

Last week I posted about whether or not your organizing measures up to what you see & read in magazines, blogs and on Pinterest. I feel strongly that you deserve to have a home that is organized, warm and welcoming for yourself and others who live and visit there. In addition, I am just as convinced that you can have that without putting the rest of your life on hold. There are lots of simple ways to start making progress towards that goal. I’m sharing what I’ve learned on my journey as a professional organizer and in organizing my own home.


I just learned about TheNester’s 31 Days Annual Writing Challenge and I thought it would be a good way to push myself to write more on the topic. I realize I’m a day late but I figured it’s better to get started late than not to do it at all, right? {a bit of foreshadowing into my second post…}

So for the next 31 days {well, 30, since I’ll post two today}, I’m going to share insights, projects, tips and tools on Real Life Organizing.

You can follow my blog in your RSS feed or follow the 31 Days of Real Life Organizing on Pinterest or you can even pin this post so you can refer back to it throughout or at the end of the 31 days.

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Ciao for now!