6 Solutions For Controlling Cord Clutter

Does visual clutter bother you? It makes me feel unsettled. One of the most universal offenders these days are cords and cables. Even in this age of wireless we can’t seem to do away with the cords! Thankfully, it’s one of the easiest problems to resolve.

6 Cord Clutter Solutions

As with most organizing challenges, there is an overabundance of solutions to choose from. I’ve tried many cord organizing products. I’m not a fan of spiral, zipper or wire loom (corrugated tube) organizers as the cords tend to fall out too easily, in my experience. Though they do work well if the wires are running to and from the same location. Traditional plastic cable ties are a solid solution but don’t allow for easy reuse. I also prefer to stay away from “cable organization systems”. The components are too cookie cutter and not as cost effective for the average home.

So, here’s a list of 6 of my tried & true favorite products or types of solutions to corral cord clutter. I am a fan of products that are low-fuss, function well, are inexpensive and often have varied uses throughout the home.

Velcro One Wrap

I have several rolls of these in my house (office, garage, laundry room). I always carried them in my work bag when I was organizing in clients homes. You can buy a 50-pack roll in black or gray for under $6 at most home improvement stores. Velcro also has color-coded or write-on label One-Wrap ties, though they are much less economical at around $7 for only 5 ties. Attach a One-Wrap tie to your cord by wrapping it through the pre-punched hole onto itself. Plus, it’s reusable. At 8 inches in length, they work for many applications but you can attach multiple ties together if you need a longer tie. Or your can easily cut them with a standard pair of scissors if they’re too long. I’ve used them to bundle and corral computer cords under/behind desks, store charging cables, outdoor gear, holiday decor, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Command Cord Clips

I’m pretty much a raving fan of all things Command and these cord clips are no exception. They are clear and come in small, medium and large as well as round and flat profiles. These are great for running cords along walls, trim and under desks or other furniture. Follow the instructions closely for the best results and observe which surfaces Command products will adhere to.

Nail-in Cable Clips

These are typically shaped to fit coaxial cable. You can pick up a pack of 20 for less than $4 at your local home improvement store. They work well to run cable along moldings if you don’t have the resources to run cable in the wall or are renting. http://www.homedepot.com/p/GE-Nail-In-Video-Cable-Clips-20-Pack-73502/202698897

Cord Channels/Covers

Cord channels and covers come in lots of shapes and sizes. You can buy basic cord channel or a kit with elbows and couplings to join long runs together or run them around obstacles. They are typically paint-able and attach using adhesive tape. The only downside is wall damage if/when you remove them.

Cord Basket

You can buy a basket specifically intended for this purpose, like the Ikea Signum Cable Management or create your own like this pin from Martha Stewart.


Many electrical devices such as power strips, modems, routers, etc. have a built-in keyhole. This allows you to drive a screw into the side of a desk or a wall to mount the device on. Here’s a tip for perfect power strip mounting from Wood Magazine.

So that’s my short & sweet list of cable management tools. Honestly, I mostly just stick with Velcro One-Wrap to keep things low fuss. Command hooks seem to be at the top of my list these days, too. Do you have any solutions to share with Homeology readers? Any questions on how to get your cord clutter under control? Let me know in the comments!

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