4 Reasons Why Paper Piles Up

In this Practical Paper Organizing post, I listed the three reasons why paper is such a challenge: overwhelming volume, we were never taught and perspective about what paper represents. Those reasons apply to most organizing challenges. But the list felt incomplete.

3 Reasons Paper Piles Up


So, today I am officially adding #4 to the list: Our lives are often in flux.

Our homes, businesses, families, schedules, etc. are in a state of constant change. It seems like just when you’ve found your rhythm and created a routine that flows, Swoosh!The rug gets pulled out from under you and you’ve fallen flat on your a$&! Ok, maybe that’s a little bit dramatic but it’s not far off for me sometimes. Do you feel that way, too?

I can guarantee that you’re not alone. It’s very difficult to maintain order and get things done when the way you did it yesterday no longer works. Despite that, it is quite possible to lighten your load so you can be more agile. Instead of throwing out your entire routine, you can often make small shifts in how you do things, store things and make decisions. Those small changes will help you minimize your paper piles, maintain your sanity and keep your household running smoothly.

I have learned this lesson repeatedly since becoming a mom. What about you? What has caused your rhythms and routines to fluctuate lately? Job? Move? Child(ren)? I’d love for you to let me know in the comments.


3 Responses to 4 Reasons Why Paper Piles Up

    • Hey Matt- Safe to assume that it’s from the mail piling up?
      If so, here are a few quick thoughts…(I feel a blog post coming on!)
      Use the PaperKarma app to get off catalog mailing lists
      Sign up for electronic billing if you haven’t already
      Evaluate what’s left- what type of mail piles up? Can you eliminate/unsubscribe from it?

      After vacation:
      1. Sort into piles: periodicals & publications to read, bills to pay, other action, junk
      2. Open mail near trash/recycling bin/shredder and only keep what is essential
      3. Deal with Bills to pay and other action as soon as possible, the other stuff can wait.

      Let me know additional details if I missed the mark!

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