10 Steps To Organize Any Room- Part I

Yesterday, I introduced you to my system or set of steps for organizing any room or even an area within a room. In today’s post,

Step 1 is to Define your project. Take 10-15 minutes {yes, that’s all you need} to look at what is going on in your space and write it down. I suggest coming up with a name for your project- make it creative and fun. Next, take pictures of your space. Oddly enough, even though you’ve probably been looking at the space and all of it’s faults ad nauseam for quite a while, taking pictures allows you to take a step back and see the space with new eyes. Finally, ask these questions:

  1. What is your ultimate intention for the space? List the 1-3 things you most want to accomplish.
  2. What do you love most about the space? Most people are able to easily describe what isn’t working for them but identifying those things you love or enjoy about the space will ensure you incorporate them into the plan for the new space.
  3. What frustrates you the most about the space? It is very helpful to know what isn’t working in order to be able to fix it. But it doesn’t always mean that it needs a complete overhaul. Most people are often very close to having systems in place that work. They usually just need to be tweaked or simplified a bit.

Step 2 is to Design your project MAP. This is where you make a plan. You’ll include use details from step 1 {where you started} to map out your destination. Here are the items I recommend including in your MAP:

  • Budget
  • Timeline- What is your timeline for completing the space? If you want to get something done by Thanksgiving, scheduling the time is imperative.
  • Zone- Just like an elementary school classroom, what zones do you want to include in the space. For example, in the kitchen you may have a food prep zone, a zone for baking, snacks, breakfast, etc.
  • Activities- Use your zones to define what activities will occur in the space. In a playroom, the family may watch movies, play video games, board games, etc.
  • Storage- What do you need to store? Video game systems, controllers, games, etc. TV, DVD player, DVD’s, etc.
  • Supplies- What additional supplies will you need to complete the desired activities? Writing utensils, notepads, scissors? Try to make a comprehensive list so the space can be super-functional.

While it’s impossible to plan for every detail in the space, completing the map with the information you already have will help ensure the important things won’t get missed. I’m working on a printable MAP to facilitate this step and I’ll share it when it’s ready.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing the details on the BE SIMPLE steps for actually organizing a space. And now, I’m off to the Halloween Festival with the little man!

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