10 Steps To Organize Any Room

10 Steps To Organize Any Room

You may refer to it as “getting organized” by saying “I need to get my office organized” or “I’m going to organize my pantry.” Professional Organizers (PO) usually refer to it as “the organizing process”. Mostly because PO’s have a consistent set of steps that we use and repeat them over and over with many clients throughout our work day/week/year (systematic approach). But you can benefit from having a repeatable process and consistent set of steps, too. Keep in mind, there is a distinction between the ongoing practice of living organized {I shared my 4 Part Foundation here} and organizing a room or a space.

This is not going to be one of those posts that touts “3 Simple Steps to Getting Organized” and then gives you the most vague instruction like “put your stuff away” or “file your papers”. Um, could you be more vague, please? No, ma’am. This is the real-deal-holyfield.

My personal pet peeve when I’m trying to learn how to do something is finding a bunch of information on “the what” and “the why” of it. If I want to know how, I’m already on board with “the what” and “the why”. I want to execute and I need to know exactly how. Specific steps. Spell it out for me. So that is what I’m going to {try to} do for you in this post.

I have been working on this system for years. This represents the best & most effective steps that I have learned through training, education and hands-on experience. So, here is my Be Simple™ Organizing System: Define, Design, Do- Be Simple: my list of ten repeatable steps for just about any organizing project.

1. Define– Take 10-15 minutes to define the project by doing the following:

a) Name your project
b) Take pictures
c) What is your ultimate intention for the space? What do you love most? What frustrates you most?

2. Design– Create a MAP- Make a plan. I’ll go into more detail later when I share my MAP worksheet.


  1. Boundaries, Staging and Supplies
  2. Empty & Sort
  3. Shed
  4. Identify a Home
  5. Measure & Shop
  6. Polish
  7. Live & Learn
  8. Eliminate

I’ll start by outlining steps 1 and 2 tomorrow during Day 19 and steps 3-10 on Day 20. What do you think so far? Is it easy to remember? I tried to simplify the steps as much as possible without taking away anything essential.

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